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Termite Treatment in Broken Arrow

EnviroTech Exterminating is currently offering Termite Treatment Specials. Liquid perimeter termite treatments starting at only $799.00* and BASF Trelona Bait Systems starting at only $899.00* These services are available in the Broken Arrow metro area including Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and Tulsa.

You can trust that EnviroTech Exterminating will provide quality, aesthetically pleasing termite treatment services. We have the experience, the know how and take pride in the work we do. Pricing is based on the linear footage of structure. Some structures will not qualify for this price but will still get the same cost per linear foot as the special calls for with an additional price for the addition linear footage.

Get the Termite Treatment in Broken Arrow that you deserve, An EnviroTech Termite Treatment Service.

Bed Bug Treatment Issues

Bed Bug Treatment Broken Arrow

 Over the weekend I was providing bed bug treatment services on a couple homes in the metro Broken Arrow area. While talking with the first client I was shocked to find out they had previously hired another exterminator company just five months prior. I enquired about all this because the level of infestation I was seeing looked as though it had been much older. I would have assumed we were looking at probably a 10-12 month long infestation. What I found out was shocking and very disturbing and now I’ll share this story.

The home was highly infested with bedbugs. Just as I was getting prepared for the service I asked if he’s ever had a heat treatment before, I ask this because I like to answer any questions a customer may have. I want all my customers to understand the process and service we are about to provide. This is when it got interesting. He stated yes, he paid a locally owned pest control company over $1500.00 for a heat treatment just five months ago on his 1400 square foot home. I then asked why he wasn’t using the other company that provided the previous bed bug heat treatment service and he said they didn’t provide any follow-up services, they found bed bugs just after the heat treatment and it didn’t appear the service techs knew much about bed bugs. This of course disgusted me that a company could have taken $1500.00 from this family and then provided such poor quality of service with no option for any follow-up. Of course I will never name the company that did this but they have been around a long time here locally.

This then got me thinking about other bed bug treatments I have done where somebody provided a treatment prior to mine but failed to do a quality job. You see, a number of people have been jumping into the pest control industry over the last 1-3 years. Most have jumped in to treat bed bugs. Many have no prior pest control experience, no background in this field. They simply get in because they think they can make a quick buck! In doing so we are seeing a large number of jobs being done by people without the skills, knowledge or experience truly needed to deal with these pests properly. Some of these companies are not properly licensed, not insured but the deal sounds so good, people fall victim. Don’t be a fooled, use a company that knows bed bugs, done this before and has the expertise, the background, the knowledge, tools, equipment to properly eradicate bed bugs. EnviroTech Exterminating offers all the above, we check all the boxes. If you have a Bed Bug problem call us today, Serving Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks and Coweta metro areas. Our Heat Treatment is second to none. Longer heat soaking times, higher success rates, better service, all part of the EnviroTech way.

Call EnviroTech Exterminating for all your pest control needs. Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Services are guaranteed and provided with pride. We care and our work shows it. Call (918)282-7621 Today to schedule a service. We’ve been providing bed bug services in Broken Arrow for years. We appreciate our customers.

Why a Heat Treatment for bed bugs

Everyday we hear from people calling about bed bug issues. Most of the time they want to know about heat treating for bed bugs which we are happy to explain. I wanted to take a moment to write a post about this process and why it’s so much more effective then other types of treatment for bed bugs.

Bed bugs have been studied excessively. Major universities and government agencies such as the CDC have done numerous studies on these pests. These studies include treatment methods and processes which is what we are going to discuss here.

Bed bugs can be treated in a number of way’s. I’m going to list these types of treatments and then discuss the pro’s and the con’s to each.

  1. Heat Treatment Services
  2. Chemical Treatment Services
  3. Freezing Treatment Services
  4. Steam Treatment Services

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Broken Arrow

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Obviously most people hear about chemical and heat treatment services as these are the most popular. Both work but one works exceptionally well and quick and the other requires usually numerous treatments. Heat if done properly and directions followed by the customers is highly effective. Success rates are 97% for our customers with only 3% needing further services. These 3% can usually be associated with improper preparation and not following directions. Chemical services require multiple treatments and a rotation of products used to reduce resistance to pesticides.

You can count on EnviroTech Exterminating for all your pest control services needs. Serving Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby and Coweta metro areas. Call us today at (918)282-7621 to get started. Visit us at Bed Bug Heat Treatment today!

Pest Control in Broken Arrow during Covid-19

EnviroTech Logo

Pest Control Services are an essential service as they protect the public health. Keeping our customers safe from pests also requires us as service providers to do our part to keep customers safe from the virus Covid-19. In an effort to reduce spread and keep our customers and operators healthy we are currently practicing social distancing. With this we are wearing protective gloves and gear while providing our services.

Entry currently into homes is limited to only extreme needs based treatment. The vast majority of our pest control customers don’t need interior services but do need the exterior perimeter treated. Once proper protective equipment supplies is available then entry into more homes will be possible. Regardless of the pest issue you are having, EnviroTech cares about you staying healthy. We will work to resolve any pest problems while keeping what’s most important safe. Our exterminator services can be provided with little to no human contact.

If you are in the Broken Arrow or Tulsa metro and in need of pest services while going through this pandemic, please keep our services in mind. You can reach us at (918)282-7621 to discuss pest control services or to schedule an appointment. Be safe, Stay Healthy!

Cockroach Services Broken Arrow

Lately I’ve been getting calls from new customers looking for treatment options or cockroach services in Broken Arrow. What I’ve heard through numerous conversations during these calls is the pest control company they have been using doesn’t do this or do that. Of course all pest control companies do things there own way but all this got me thinking why?

I received a call on Tuesday from a lady in Broken Arrow who had another company servicing her home for German cockroaches. She wasn’t happy with the services they were providing and stated they treated her home at least 5 times now and she really hasn’t seen any progress. I decided to take this opportunity and asked her a few questions.

  1. Did the company have her clear out the cabinets in the kitchen?
  2. Did they bait the cabinets every service?
  3. Are they rotating products, pesticides, using IGR’s ” Insect Growth Regulators” ?
  4. How often was the follow-up services being performed?
  5. How tidy is home kept?

I was a little shocked with her answer’s. First, they never had her clear out the cabinets so a flush service could be performed. Second, they baited the cabinets only the first time they were out and never again. Third, she didn’t know about pesticide rotation to keep the cockroaches from gaining any pesticide resistance. I was also shocked that they did not discuss the need for keeping food, pop and other things cockroaches love cleaned up. She never answered regarding the service schedule and stated they just call the day of service without her knowing and then show up. Basically she doesn’t have them giving her a set treatment schedule.

The moral of the story: The service you pay for is only as good as the pest control person performing the treatment.

Sure part of the solution in dealing with cockroaches is making sure they don’t have the needed food, water they forage looking for. keeping the home or business tidy, clean and free of trash, food, soda cans and bottles sure does help but these are all things anybody dealing with these pests should be doing. Quite frankly, the pest control operator should be going over all these things with the customer so everybody has a good idea of how they can help reduce the cockroach problem.

So why choose EnviroTech? First, we absolutely do a flush service on any German Cockroach Treatment. It is required and will help move the process along and save you money in time. Second, we bait every time. Not just the first or the second service but every time. Third, we go over our services and expectations in detail. This is something most pest control companies do not do. It’s best we explain everything and discuss expectations, requirements for both our services and the customers because our customers deserve to know our process. It’s keeping our customers best interest, family, home safe from these pests.

See more about our Cockroach Services in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

EnviroTech Bed Bug Heat Treatment Services

Bed Bugs are one of the biggest pest problems people deal with. This pest is such a nuisance due to it’s ability to travel as a hitch hiker. Go somewhere where bed bugs are present and it’s quite possible you could bring these bugs home with you.

Bed Bugs

We have seen just about everything when it comes to bed bugs. Homes with thousands of these pests and nowhere to go trying to avoid them. If not treated properly bed bugs will never just go away. Treatment is always necessary to eradicate these pest bugs. The big problem most people face when dealing with bed bugs is who to have treat the home. Hopefully this blog will help you make that choice.

Billy Howard, Owner – Operator EnviroTech Exterminating

EnviroTech can offer services that can have you bed bug free in as little as one day. We are able to heat the entire dwelling all at once where most of our competition cannot achieve this task. Many have to heat room to room leaving the possibility for bed bugs to migrate from the treatment. Our treatment is relentless and very thorough.

We also have very discrete vehicles and if the property is a smaller home or office space 1500 sqft or less we can provide service out of our service van rather then our service cargo trailer.

Loading Bed Bug Rig

Having portable electrical heaters and direct fire injection heaters give us the versatility needed for any bed bug infestation. We can treat apartments, hotels, log cabins, offices, larger homes, smaller homes. With an arsenal of three direct fire heaters and 18 supplemental air moving fans no job is too big. The beauty of all this is once set up we can easily achieve the KILL ZONE in a short period of time giving bed bugs nowhere to run. You can rest assured that the treatment will be done in one day, done properly and done with care. We have the experience, the knowledge, the right tools for the job and Guaranteed Results!

EnviroTech Exterminating offers bed bug heat treatment services in all local metro Tulsa areas including Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Coweta, Owasso, Sapulpa, Sand Springs and more. We can also offer services in areas outside our local area. We are a state licensed and insured pest control company. Give us a call today at (918)-282-7621.

Rodent Pest Control Services

Rodent Pest Control Services by EnviroTech Exterminating

I wanted to take the time today to inform Coweta and Broken Arrow residents and businesses about our fall/winter rodent pest control promotion. Even though many pests are less active during the later fall and winter months, pests are still looking for warm homes to nest in. Our biggest pest problem for these months are with animals, particularly rodents. EnviroTech offer’s a program designed to help stop these invading rodents and help control them. Our rodent services are designed to wipe out rodent mice so you don’t experience the common problem’s associated with these pests. EnviroTech also offer’s programs designed for rats as well. Combining the two can give you the ultimate in rodent control protection.

From time to time we get the calls from the general public telling us that rats have eaten away at their vehicles wiring or invaded the home, business. I can tell you that one thing most people don’t think about is their RV’s. These get parked, left alone and are typically an after thought during winter months. Rodents can take advantage of this and invade leaving a huge mess in the camper. We highly recommend rodent control services for these vehicles. Another thing to consider is rodents are vectors of disease and have been the cause of millions of human deaths over the centuries. These little creatures look all cute but they transport fleas, viruses, bacteria and parasites known to cause harm to humans.

Why Choose EnviroTech

  1. Locally/Family Owned and Operated
  2. A+ BBB Rated
  3. Experienced and Professional
  4. Exceptional Care In Services For Safety




Our special promotion for the Fall/Winter season is $25.00 off our Rodent Control Services. Call us now at (918)282-7621 to get scheduled.

EnviroTech Exterminating, Pest Control and Wildlife Services. A local pest control company service the Broken Arrow and Coweta metro area.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Services

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Services are available to residential and commercial property owners in the Tulsa metro area. We service Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Muskogee, Owasso, Claremore, Coweta and other local Tulsa metro cities. We have the bed bug experience and results you are looking for.

Why Choose EnviroTech for a Heat Treatment?

  1. We heat the entire dwelling all at once leaving bed bugs nowhere to hide and nowhere to run
  2. We have up to 2.5 million BTU’s of heat so we can custom set up for any size home
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. You can return home the same day of treatment unlike with chemical treatments
  5. Trust, Reliability, Integrity and Experienced
  6. A+ BBB Rated

EnviroTech Exterminating offers Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs. Thermal heat has been proven to be the quickest method of eradication. EnviroTech Exterminating has treated hundreds of homes for these pests. Our success rate is amongst the highest in the industry. For more information and to download our bed bug prep sheet visit Bed Bug Services








Call (918)282-7621 Today to get your confidential bed bug evaluation and service started.


Termite Treatment in Coweta, Ok

Termite Treatment in Coweta, Ok

It’s now termite season. We want everyone in Coweta to know, EnviroTech offer’s exceptional service for termites. We have the Expertise, the Experience and Strong Work Ethic you desire. You can TRUST EnviroTech to get the job done right! Choose between a liquid treatment with top rated products or the latest baiting system on the market. Either way, we have years of experience treating structures for termites.

With all the rain we had in February swarming season is upon us. Reproductive Termites Swarm from homes infested with termites and from colonies that may be present in the area. Termite swarmers are not very good flyers as they rely more on the wind to carry them to new infestation sites. They then burrow into the ground as a mating pair and start a new colony of their own. This means a home or structure could have multiple termite colonies infesting the structure. We help solve this problem.

Currently we are offering a discount ranging from $50-$100 off a termite treatment. Call us for details and a FREE Estimate! Call (918) 282-7621 Today!

Don’t put your home or business in the hands of a rookie termite tech. You need a PRO to perform service/treatment on the most expensive investment you make. Give us a call and see why we are the right choice.

Termite Treatment


Pest Control Services in Coweta, OK

By: Billy Howard, EnviroTech Exterminating (918) 282-7621

You can alway’s tell when spring is near. Humidity levels rise, rain and thunder become more regular and the trees start growing buds. As the weather becomes more spring like, it also creates more insect activity. These pests can come in the form of ants, termites, spiders or any other variety of pest. Nobody wants these pests and insect pest problems are about to go crazy!

As our weather changes property owners will be faced with the big pest battle. It usually starts off first with ant problems and then moves to the other insects and spiders as we get later into spring. EnviroTech Exterminating can assist in combating this pest problem. EnviroTech offer’s pest control services in Coweta, OK, with the experience in pest and termite control services you expect. EnviroTech has the knowledge and skills to deal with any pest problem. If your looking for a professional exterminator that takes pride in their work, look no further.

If your a Coweta, OK resident in need of pest control services, we’d love to help.

EnviroTech Exterminating can control a wide range of household pests. Whether it’s a termite issue or pest insect and spider problem we can provide a solution. No pest problem is too large and we guarantee services. We recommend quarterly services in most instances. In some cases it may be necessary for monthly service, especially if you have cockroaches. Once the property is inspected during our initial service we can better advise on a proper treatment schedule. A huge benefit, our pest control services do not require a contractual commitment like much of our competition requires. EnviroTech will deliver on the promise of a good job, every time with no strings attached. Just friendly, quality pest control services you can trust. EnviroTech’s committed to our customers and would love to show you why we’re the best kept secret in pest control.

Everybody at some time or another will need pest control services. EnviroTech would love the opportunity to provide you pest control services in Coweta, OK  EnviroTech Exterminating offers commercial and residential pest control services. Thanks for taking the time to read our pest control blog. Don’t forget the new customer coupon for $25 OFF Initial Pest Control Service or $50-$100 Off a Termite Treatment.

Pest Control Services Coweta, OK

*One Coupon Per Household. Not to be combined with other offers.