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The EnviroTech Exterminating Spider Control Program uses of a line of pest control products that provide longer residual times than our competition offers.

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Spiders are typically a good thing to have around when they are the right type. Spiders can help keep a good balance of other insects in check and are relatively harmless unless it’s a Black Widow Spider or the Brown Recluse Spider. Here’s a little information about our spider control program and these spider pests.

Fiddleback brown recluse spider control

Recluse or Fiddleback Spiders: These spiders packs a venom that eats away at the flesh. The bite of a Brown Recluse Spider may go unnoticed or may be looked at as something other than a Brown Recluse Spider bite. Usually, the bite becomes worse and worse in a short period of time and requires medical attention. The Brown Recluse Spider bite has been known to cause serious flesh and muscle tissue damage if not dealt with in a quick manner. These spider can infest a home and hide in the dark places people don’t typically venture. The recluse spiders loves closets, attics and hiding under beds. They sometimes get into shoes, on clothing and can bite as a instinctual reaction. They have very small and fragile fangs.



Black Widow Spider Control

Black Widow Spider: This is the most feared spider or arachnid in North America. Not all Black widows are dangerous as the male is virtually harmless. It’s the female Black Widow Spider that’s the cold-blooded killer. The Black Widow Spider gets its name to fame because of her hour glass shaped red spot located on the spider’s abdomen. It is also a known cannibal that sometimes kills and eats its mate. The Black Widow Spider also has a very dangerous venom that can cause severe reactions and even death. This is not a spider to be messed with and a Black Widow Spider bite requires immediate medical care.

Other Household Spiders:  Our service is not limited. We provide pest control services to control a multitude of pests including other household spiders that may not be harmful but not desired in the home. Spiders like the Jumping Spider, Wolf Spider, Hobo Spider can all be controlled inside with our service.

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The EnviroTech Exterminating Spider Control Program uses of a line of pest control products that provide longer residual times than most of our competition offers. Sure these products cost more but these products work tremendously for pests like Spiders, Arachnids. These products provide excellent kill ratios for Black Widows and Brown Recluse Spiders as well as the feared Scorpion.

We are so confident in our Spider Treatment Program that EnviroTech Exterminating backs it with a guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your Spider Treatment, EnviroTech Exterminating will come back within 30 days and treat again.

Nobody in the pest industry offers such a comprehensive service. Let EnviroTech help, give us a call today! (918)-282-7621. *EnviroTech is not responsible for bites from Black Widow and Brown Recluse Spiders. Some infestations may require multiple treatments due to infestation size and structures complexity. We advise client of these circumstances and issues during our inspection/treatment.

Although spiders can help keep the insect population down, some spiders may be harmful to your family. Call EnviroTech Exterminating at (918) 282-7621 Today!


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