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EnviroTech Exterminating offers Safe and Effective Mole and Gopher Control Services. We specialize in dealing with these burrowing ground pests which destroy yards. Our Mole and/or Gopher services are available to both commercial and residential properties owners.

Why Choose EnviroTech? Every yard and burrowing pest infestation is different.  EnviroTech provides customized programs for each client based on the unique characteristics each infested property presents. This is not a one tool fits all approach. We will consider numerous factors including safety, aesthetics, soil types and local area mole and gopher pressure. We take into consideration the structures such as the home, concrete barriers, landscaping, tree roots, erosion and the food sources attracting these pests to the area. Our services may consist of the following proven methods which could include baiting, trapping, gassing and commercial grade repellants. Our burrowing rodent program is available in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Coweta and the Jenks metro areas.

EnviroTech help’s keep yards looking beautiful. Monthly services are available for the ultimate in control of these pests with no long term contracts required. Don’t let a mole or gopher problem ruin the yard you work so hard to keep beautiful. Call (918) 282-7621 Today for an estimate and to schedule service. 

General Information on Moles and Gophers

Moles and Gophers can sometimes be confused for one another since both leave mounds of dirt in yards. These pests are different and are present for entirely different reasons. 

Moles: Believe it or not, moles can be beneficial in that they do aerate the soil but they leave mounds of dirt and trails through the yard as they tunnel. This tunneling/burrowing can cause a yard to be soft and destroy the root systems of grass leaving your yard damaged. Moles kill off the grass along the runs as the roots are left dangling with a cavern under them. This leaves the roots were they cannot get any nutrients so the grass dies off. Mole runs can make a nice green yard look like a yard filled with rivers of dead grass. The runs can be made worse as water fills them and creates sink holes, exit holes and other mole related yard damage.

Moles are highly active year round and are constantly looking for food. These pests can burrow through the ground and move freely from yard to yard. In spring and early fall seasons they are typically closer to the surface and during winter burrow a little deeper. during the summer the can go deeper to escape heat and closer to surfaces when soil provides desired moisture and earthworms.

Moles can easily go under slabs like a driveway, a sidewalk or a patio. Mole runs are commonly found along these structural objects and will typically work into flower beds where water and earthworms are more available. These areas typically provide easy sources of food.

Since moles hunt down earth worms, killing the bugs and grubs does little to move these pests out of a hunting ground. Although they also eat grubs and other insects, these are a small part of the mole diet compared to earthworms. Gassing, trapping, baiting and repellants can all be effective to help with mole control.

Gophers: These rodent pests eat away at plant roots destroying vegetation. They are vegetarian and love eating roots of freshly planted plants. Gophers reproduce rapidly and when one dies off another usually takes its place. They are very destructive killing off plants and root systems. These pests leave huge mounds and ruin the look of a yard.

Gopher activity is easily seen by piles of dirt from the deep tunneling they do. These rodent pests never stop burrowing, destroying plants and eating roots until they are exterminated. These pests claimed fame in the early 1980’s comedy movie Caddyshack. Even many years later that movie depicts the extreme measures some will go to protect the yard or in the Caddyshack case, golf course.

The tunnel system of a gopher can be very extensive with numerous caverns going as deep as six feet in some cases. These pests are well adapted to the burrowing behavior they exhibit.

Gimmick devices such as sonic spikes don’t typically keep gophers out of an area for long. Gassing machines and trapping are the best solutions for these pests.

Voles: There is another yard pest that gets little attention. A Vole lives its life eating on root systems in yards. They are mainly herbivores and prefer low-lying or creeping vegetation. Voles also love to eat bark on trees, bulbs, vegetables, ornamental plants and they store seed and other food in the ground.

Voles are also called Meadow Mice. Voles are just as much a problem as moles and gophers. These rodents have adapted to burrow just like moles and gophers do. Voles can be distinguished from the common house mouse from is rounder ears, smaller eyes and thicker looking body.

Voles can leave grass uprooted causing dead grass areas and smaller mounds of dirt. These rodents reproduce rapidly and can quickly ruin a beautiful yard. Gassing the burrow system tends to be the best solution for these pests. We offer all these services to control thee burrowing pests as well as moles and gophers.

Moles and Gophers

  1. Moles leave a volcano-shaped mound with an exit hole in the center.
  2. Gopher mounds are shaped like crescents or fans, with the exit hole to the side of the mound.
  3. Moles burrow just below the surface, so tunnels are often visible.
  4. Gophers dig down as much as 6 ft. for nesting and food storage.
  5. Gophers eat underground parts of garden plants.
  6. Moles eat grubs, soil-dwelling insects and earthworms but damage plant roots with their extensive tunneling.
  7. Moles can carry fleas which can infest a yard.


The Broken Arrow, Jenks, South Tulsa and Bixby metro is filled with Moles and Gophers. These are not the only parts of the Tulsa metro area affected by these pests but represent the areas with the most activity. These animals thrive in the sandy loam soil. The closer to the Arkansas River you get, the worse it seems the varmint problem is. Evidence of these pests is visible everywhere. If you have mole runs, mole mounds, gopher mounds we can certainly help.

Why do I have Mole or Gophers problems?

Moles prefer yards with numerous beneficial bugs, grubs and worms. These worms and insects are vital to your yard’s health keeping a yard balanced and healthy but they can attract mole pests that also destroy a yard. The plants and shrubs provide food for gophers. Although some yards affected by gophers don’t have plants and roots for these rodent pests to feed on they find smaller roots from weeds and grasses to keep them happy as they search out better grounds. Thousands upon thousands of yards in the Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby and Broken Arrow metro are filled with these pests.

What can be done about a Mole or Gopher problem?

It’s simple, Call EnviroTech! Our mole and gopher program consists of proven tools and expert experience to fight these pests. We use professional gassing machines, mole and gopher trapping, baiting and commercial grade repellants. Pricing is based on a number of factors including yard size and infestation level. Every yard is different and each infestation my need dealt with in a different manner. All mole and gopher services provided by EnviroTech are done with attention to detail and safety. We don’t just set traps and hope for the best!

  1. EnviroTech will evaluate the property
  2. Determine the level of infestation
  3. Discuss goals you have for this problem
  4. Advise of possible longer term solutions
  5. We pay special attention to areas surrounding the affected property.
  6. No matter how little or how big the infestation, we work with our clients to find the right solution. 
  7. We offer years of experience and knowledge of these pests. We can help with any Mole or Gopher infestation.

If ongoing control and services are needed we have solutions. Our burrowing pest program can help control these pests. All methods used are time tested and proven effective. EnviroTech provides the most comprehensive and effective mole and gopher services available in the Tulsa area.

Moles in Tulsa Yard

Our Gopher/Mole services are available to residential and commercial property owners/managers in Broken Arrow, Bixby, Coweta, Jenks and Tulsa. Call EnviroTech today at (918) 282-7621 to get an estimate and begin service.

EnviroTech Exterminating offers a wide range of Pest Control Services including Nuisance Wildlife Removal in Broken Arrow, Bixby and Jenks, Oklahoma. Pictures are actual mole and gopher infested yards. Results may differ from yard to yard based on infestation levels, soil types and clients goals.

Moles and Gophers can do significant damage to a yard. Contact EnviroTech today about our gopher and mole control services at (918) 282-7621.

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