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#1 Ant Treatment in Tulsa… We use pest products that take advantage of ants biggest weakness, social behavior.

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The Ant Treatment That Rocks!

Ant Control Services: Ants are highly social creatures that rely on each other to make the colony work. Ants groom each other, feed each other and every ant in the colony has a specialized job to do. Worker ants forage for food and soldier ants protect the workers and colony. Ants are extremely successful creatures that have been doing the exact thing for millions of years.

A well established ant colony can be massive having anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 ants. The worker ants can live up to 7 years and a queen ant can live an incredible 15 years. This queen can make millions of ants over her lifetime. Considering these staggering numbers, imagine what type of ant problems multiple colonies and varieties of ants can bring you!

EnviroTech Exterminating has the Solution for Ants. We offer an amazing ant control program that is unique to our service industry in the Tulsa pest control market. We call it EnviroTech Ant Shield! This special ant program is highly effective and best of all, designed to kill the queen. It’s effectivity comes from an expert application using the highest quality pest products designed for ants. These specialized pesticides take advantage of the ants biggest weakness, their social behavior.  Best of all, these are passive products ants don’t detect. Ants won’t trail around the products avoiding it like with so many general pesticides.

These products once professionally applied are unknowingly carried back to the colony by unsuspecting worker ants as they forage. The insecticide is then spread around the colony from ant to ant as they feed, nurture and groom each other. This service is available for both residential and commercial customers. We offer this specialized service in the local Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Coweta and Tulsa metro area.

Why Choose EnviroTech Exterminating

  1. Our ant treatment is multifaceted, we use a combination of ant killing products
  2. We treat all entry points as well as weep holes around the perimeter
  3. We use bait products inside and outside to provide ant killing food sources
  4. All products are applied strategically and professionally
  5. No other pest control company offers such a unique ant service
  6. EnviroTech Ant Shield* If your ant service isn’t effective, we come back and treat again

How Serious Are Ants?

Ant control is in most cases a difficult task. Colonies can be very large and ants’ behavior causes these invasive species to come in droves. They are a headache for households every day of the year.

  • Entry Points: Ants forage looking for entry points where they can set scent trails. They take advantage of tiny cracks, weep holes, door jams and window sills looking for water and food usually in kitchen and pantry areas.
  • Pheromone Trails: Ants use trails of pheromones when they find a food and water source. There scent trails are like highways for the other worker ants to locate what the colony needs.
  • Where Are Nests Located: Ants will build colonies anywhere in a yard. They will use logs, stumps, mulch and can even live in walls, under slabs and in crawl spaces
  • Colony Size: Ant colonies can grow very large. It is not uncommon for a colony to be from 300,000 to 500,000 in size. If the colony feels threatened they will move the colony

As you can see from these ant facts, ants pose a series issue to control. EnviroTech’s multifaceted approach can help. We may use professional gel baits as well as granular food baits to help with home invading ants. These baits are designed to provide another food source to help curb the invasive behavior. Our perimeter treatment will take advantage of the social behavior and spread amongst them working via a Transfer Effect going from ant to ant, worker to the soldier, worker to the queen and killing the colony.

This time of year, populations of our local ant species including Argentine Ants, Pharaoh Ants and Odorous House Ants are at their peak and in search of food and water for survival. These ants all will set a pheromone trail which then provides a path straight to food, water for all the workers in a colony. Homes often provide a great option and a minor problem can rapidly become a major infestation. These pesky ant pests are extremely difficult for homeowners to control on their own as each species requires a different method of treatment.

We Are So Confident In This Service We Guarantee* It…

Ant ControlEnviroTech Ant Shield… This program controls typical household ants such as odorous house ants, pavement ants, black ants. This service is excellent for most home invading species of ants. It’s truly a unique service considering what other pest control companies offer. No other pest control service provider uses such an arsenal of tools to combat ant problems. For this reason, EnviroTech Guarantees* results. Carpenter Ants require additional labor and treatment services as they are wood destroying organisms and can be present inside the framing of a home. If you have carpenter ants, we have additional services available to help with this destructive pest.

*** IMPORTANT: Our ant service does require proper weather conditions at time of application. Any sprinkler system must be turned off prior to the service and left off for the remainder of the application day. Our treatment requires a puddle free perimeter at time of service. Our preference is a dry perimeter if at all possible. Overwatering will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Leaf piles must be removed from the structure prior to treatment. Ant colonies take time to control and results will not be instant. Our pest professional will go over time periods necessary to gain control of ants during our initial service visit.

Ant Control Tips

  • Overwatering can reduce the effectiveness and increase the time needed for optimum results
  • Watering will attract more ants
  • We highly recommend keeping yards trimmed
  • We recommend keeping plants and trees from touching the structure
  • Leaving food out, water out can attract more ants
  • Leaf debris around the structure hinder treatment effectiveness and provide ants the perfect environment to thrive

Disclaimer: Our EnviroTech Ant Shield Guarantee* is limited to foraging ants. This program does not include Carpenter Ants. Treatment for carpenter ants is available and requires possible drilling, treating inside of walls where carpenter ant colonies may be. Certain limitations apply to homes that use sprinkler systems and have swimming pools as these attract ants and can potentially reduce effectiveness. Excessive watering and drainage issues are conducive environments for ants. These situations may require additional applications. We will advise any customers of any potential issues that could effect our ant service and future ant services. This program is a specialized program and not part of a general pest control service. Our general pest control service will help control ants and other pests but the Ant Shield Program is designed specifically for ants and not other insects.

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