Tulsa Black Widow Spider Infestation

The Tulsa area has a host of pests. It’s funny how each season brings different out different pest problems. In winter it’s more indoor pests calls for things such as Cockroaches or Brown Recluse Spiders.  When spring hits Ants and Termites become the biggest problem pests. Now with summer in full swing the pest most people are concerned with is the Black Widow Spider. Why the Black Widow? Well for many reasons….

The heat of summer pushes a number of pests to find water. If you water your yard then you likely will have problems with Spiders. Typically the regular harmless Garden Spiders or Wolf Spiders that are good to have around. Also, with the heat comes the Black Widow Spider which is typically found around patio furniture, BBQ Cookers, In the Garage, Door Frames, Garage Door Frames and a number of other places. Why so much in summer and not other seasons? The Black Widow Spider needs food, water and shelter and what better place than at a home where the owners water regularly. This creates a multitude of problems as other pests need water so the Black Widow has found a perfect hunting ground, your home!

Black Widow Spider

Be careful opening covered outlets on the interior and exterior of homes. The covers you use to keep faucets from freezing in winter can become a Black Widow home during late spring and summer. Mosquitoes come in groves, other pests are looking for water so the Black Widow has an all it can eat buffet when the heat is on.

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