Termite Inspection, Termite Treatment and Control in Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby, Oklahoma

Termite Inspection, Termite Treatment and Control Services in Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby, Oklahoma.

By: EnviroTech Exterminating

With it now almost mid February it’s time to start thinking about termites. Soon with temperatures rising and the humidity rising, termites will begin swarming. A termite swarm happens when a healthy colony of termites have grown to a large enough colony that the termites separate to form additional colonies. They usually don’t make it to far as termites are not the best of flyers and they lose their wings relatively fast.

Termites found under hot water tank

Termites play a huge part of mother natures natural recycle process. These wood destroying pests eat up wood, rotting wood and any products made of wood to help in cleaning up our planet. These little pests are capable of eating the supports of a house, home, business or any structure if not treated.

When you buy a home most lenders require the home to be inspected for wood destroying organisms. This inspection is called a ODAFF1. The lender doesn’t like to loan money on a home with active termites so they request this inspection. Lenders will happily loan the money on a home that is treated for termites but usually won’t fund the purchase until proof of treatment has been provided. If termites are found and treatment is then provided the lender will require proof and at that time usually fund the purchase pending any other issues.

EnviroTech Exterminating offers wood destroying organism reports or inspections for clients in the process of purchasing a home. If termite activity is found a proposal for treatment can be provided at no additional cost. For those that already own their home EnviroTech does provide services to help protect the home from termite pests. Call (918) 282-7621 today to request an appointment. You can also visit Termite Control for more information about our termite inspection and treatment services.

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    Termites can be very annoying and damaging, so it is important we take the time to properly inspect homes! Thanks for sharing.

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