Pest Control Broken Arrow

Pest Control Broken Arrow,

Exterminator services for ants, spiders, black widow, brown recluse, rodents and other pests that invade homes in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

With Spring near pest activity will be on the rise. I wanted to take a moment to mention a couple things that can help reduce pest problems for any home or business. With spring we usually get plenty of rain so watering less will help reduce pest problems.

  1. If you have weep holes on the structure look to see if you can put a breathable material such as mesh in the weep holes. this will allow the home to breath but help reduce pests that can crawl into the holes.
  2. keep foliage trimmed away from the home.
  3. Trees should not touch any part of the home
  4. Seal off entry points. A garage door with worn or no seal allows pests easy entry. Mice can enter, spiders, crickets and other pests take advantage of easy access due to worn or insignificant sealing on doors, door jams, garage entries and sliding doors.
  5. Keep bird feeders away from home. The seeds attract rodents and other pests

These are just a few of the many things a homeowner or business can do to help minimize the pest pressure they receive. Add an EnviroTech Pest Control Service Plan to this and pests are surely to be kept at bay.

EnviroTech Exterminating is locally owned and operated. We service the Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby and Coweta metro areas. For service call (918)282-7621 today! EnviroTech offers No Contract Pest Control Services.


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