Natural, Green Pest Control Services

Natural, Green Pest Control Services

By: Billy Howard 
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Today I want to take a moment to talk about some of the reasons why a customer chooses to use our natural, green pest control services.

Every day we as Americans are bombarded with toxins. We eat foods treated with pesticides and drink water treated with chemicals. With population growth comes higher food demands. As a country, a world with a growing population the demands for more food and clean water require more chemicals and pesticides. We need food that we grow to produce faster and more resistant to insects so it’s not ruined. All these human induced pressures means we must use more pesticides and usable potable water from places that we may not have been treating in the first place.

Sewage water is being treated in places to irrigate golf courses, and other land due to water shortage issues. Desalination plants are becoming more and more popular as a means of treating sea water. The truth is as more people populate the globe more methods of maintaining these populations are necessary thus the need for more chemical and pesticides to produce larger crops to feed the masses, water to keep a growing population alive.

Green Pest Control Services.. Safer For What Matters Most

  With all the toxins we are subjected to daily it’s not a bad idea to consider using green pesticides rather than synthetic pesticides in your home. I’m not going to tell you one is better than the other as they both do their job. With a proper Integrated Pest Management “IPM” program you may find that you’re business, home doesn’t need the highly toxic pesticides and can use something more natural or greener.

Some circumstances where you may want to use a green pesticide over a synthetic:

1) You have customers in and out that may smell the synthetic pesticides. I’ve been to restaurants with my family, walked in the door and almost been knocked down by the smell of synthetic pesticides. I knew from the smell of the pesticide that they just had a roach treatment recently. The smells were strong and we decided to go eat somewhere else.

2) You are concerned that your employees/family may have allergies to synthetic pesticides. Many people have allergies or even asthma.

3) You have young children in you’re household. Babies that are at crawling stage constantly put their fingers in their mouths. Less Toxic pesticides are better then more Toxic pesticides in this situation.

4) You don’t have a serious pest problem and want the least amount of toxins but still want to reduce pest populations and keep them under control. There truly may be no need for a synthetic pesticide in your unique situation.

One thing I want to make sure people understand is Green may not necessarily mean Organic. An Organic pesticide may be made of things like mint oils, garlic, neem oil and other essential oils. A Green pesticide may be made of a pyrethrin. The product of a plant that most pesticides are made from. It attacks the nerve center of insects. Most synthetic pesticides are derived from taking this pyrethrin and synthesizing it to make a pyrethroid.

Hopefully this blog posting gives you at least some insight on why you may be better off using green pest control services rather then using a synthetic. If you are a residential property owner or business owner/manager that is interested in a Green IPM Service please feel free to call us at (918) 282-7621 to schedule an appointment. I’d be happy to help… For more on our services visit us at Pest Control Services today. EnviroTech services the Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby metro area and is locally owned and operated.

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