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Every day in Broken Arrow somebody is finding out they have bed bugs, termites or perhaps some other type of pest issue. It’s my goal to help solve pest problems and provide the absolute best services money can buy. I believe being a pest control provider means we are not just here to manage pest problems but to also offer advice and tips. To help people in the community reduce pest control problems in the first place, I’d like to take a moment to list a few items that can help. Almost any homeowner can check and fix these items needed to minimize rodents, pests and insects in the home. If you prefer you can call us for all your Broken Arrow Pest Control Services needs.

1. Check the seal of the garage door. In most cases the garage will have a rubber piece that runs across the bottom and seals the door to the concrete. I find these ripped, torn, too short or missing on many new customers homes. If these are in poor condition pests like rodents, spiders, crickets, and snakes can easily make way into the garage and get access to the home.

2. Check all caulking around windows. Windows that are not sealed and properly caulked give ants and other crawling, flying insects easy entry into the home. If caulking is deteriorated, cut it out and re-caulk.

3. Check sill plates under door entry points. These should be caulked on both sides to reduce additional places pests can get in. They should sill up and provide a tight fit for the door.

4. Keep trees and bushes away from the perimeter of home. Bushes and trees that touch the home provide everything in most cases that pests need. It’s always a good idea to keep these trimmed and away from the home.

5. Keep grass trimmed and do not over water during spring and summer. Watering excessively will attract more bugs. It also reduces a pesticides ability to deal with pests by reducing its residual time.

5. Check eves and attic vents. I find these ripped, torn, sometimes even off. This allows birds, raccoons, bats, opossum and other varmint to easily get into the home and nest.

6. Keep pets water and food bowls away from the home as far as possible, Ants and other pests are attracted to the food and water. If these are left near the door, a slide door or any other entry point the pests will likely find the entry.

7. Have regular pest control services done on the property. In most cases quarterly service is perfect. If the home has a real insect pest problem then bi-monthly or even monthly services may be needed. This is especially true when dealing with cockroaches.

I sure hope these tips help minimize the pest issues you have this year. If you are in need of Broken Arrow pest control services, please consider EnviroTech Exterminating. We are professional, efficient and provide a full range of pest solution services to help any situation. Our goal is to exceed all expectations. Service is available for both residential and commercial properties in the Broken Arrow metro area. For Broken Arrow Pest Control Services call us at (918) 282-7621.

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