Ant Control Services in Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Tulsa

Ant Control Services in Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Tulsa

This is the time of year when home invading Ants are foraging around, invading your home and contaminating the food in your pantry.

Ever wonder why you can spray for Ants and then three, four day’s later Their Back!  This is probably the most common thing I hear when a new customer calls with an Ant problem. The Tulsa area is filled with Ants, Termites, Spiders and a host of Pests that invade homes. Our mild winter and somewhat up and down spring has created high activity then low activity then high activity and so forth. It’s been up and down now since March started. Our crazy weather patterns have not been helpful to individuals looking to maintain control of pests. Exterminator services are often required for those that don’t want to go at it alone.

Ants feeding on bait

     EnviroTech Exterminating has the solution to your Ant problems. Nobody takes care of Ant problems like we do. EnviroTech Offer’s Ant Treatments and Services for residential and commercial property in the Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby and local metro area. If you have an Ant problem call us. You won’t be sorry you did and our Ant Program is Guaranteed to work.

Excellent Service, Quality Products, Great Results = Happy Customers!

EnviroTech Exterminating Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Call (918) 282-7621

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Services are available for Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Tulsa, Owasso, Glenpool, Coweta and the Tulsa metro area.

For Guaranteed Pest Control Services Call EnviroTech Exterminating.

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