Ant Treatment Broken Arrow, Bixby, Coweta, Jenks

Ant Treatment Broken Arrow, Bixby, Coweta, Jenks 

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It is just about time for everybody to begin preparing for ant season. Spring brings in life with warmer weather, rain, everything greening up. This time of the year also brings the ants out. They forage around looking for food, water, building new colonies. Ants can get out of hand and become a true nuisance.

When you really think about ants they are truly amazing. Ants work in harmony and defend their colonies against rival ant colonies, spiders, wasps, and other insect life. They are like small armored warriors with a good for the colony goal in mind. Defend, feed, build the colony. Ants work for the better good of their colony. The feed, nurture, clean, groom, build, hunt like a single organism even though it can be a colony of thousands. Ants use pheromones to help guide workers, solder’s from point A to point B. They send out special ants that seek the food, water the colony needs just like a tracker seeking game. Once these ants find what they are looking for pheromone trails are made that allow other ants to follow. It’s absolutely amazing. Not so amazing when the pheromone trail leads into your home or pantry.

So what can be done to help control these pest ants trailing into the pantry? Well, good ant work is a slow process. I’ll give you two ways you can go with ant treatment.

  1. Fast Band Aid Fix – Using a pesticide designed to kill ants as fast as possible that come into the residual. This won’t kill off a colony but may provide some temporary relief. The products don’t usually transfer from ant to ant therefore only eliminating a small portion of the colony.
  2. Using products designed to take advantage of the ants social behavior. Ants carry the products back to the colony in the form of baits and insecticides designed to transfer from one ant to another and on and on. This method takes longer to see results but is longer lasting and provides much better control.

In extremely ant infested situations, a combination of the two methods may work best to help knock down the invaders while allowing some of the foraging ants to return to the colony carrying baits and products that transfer.  

It is highly recommended that if a watering system “Spinkler” is used, turning the system off for a 3-4 day period will help reduce the time period needed to control an ant problem. Water is the enemy when you are having ant issues.

Some ants such as carpenter ants require a more intrusive treatment. These ants live in structures usually inside walls and around window sills. They are pests that destroy wood. A more invasive treatment is needed for these ants. We can help with carpenter ants or any other type of ant issue. Sugar ants, odorous house ants are the most common house ant we see in the home but other ants are still fairly common. For a ant program that works contact EnviroTech Exterminating at (918) 282-7621 or visit us online at Ant Control Services to see more about what we can do to help.

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