Termite Activity Still High in Broken Arrow

Termite Activity Still High in Broken Arrow

It seems that with all the rains we had this summer termite activity is still high in the Broken Arrow metro areas. A number of calls have been coming in for termites this fall when activity for these pests drops in fall. The typical termite season runs from about mid February through July then this tapers off in August as the rains have ended and things dry up. We had one of the wettest August months in many years and this continued into September which means a higher water tables and moist soil.

Termites are nothing new to Broken Arrow as we live in a very high activity zone. These pests are responsible for billions of dollars each year in damages to homes. This is why EnviroTech Exterminating suggests homeowners have yearly termite inspections done. If you have a termite concern please visit Termite Services for more information or call (918) 282-7621 to speak to our representatives about your unique pest termite issue.

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