Nuisance Wildlife Removal Services Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Oklahoma

Nuisance Wildlife Removal Services Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Oklahoma

This week I had the opportunity to help some folks that called with an animal stuck in there wall. Upon arrival I found an opening that had been chewed out by squirrels in the soffit of the home. The animal in the wall however was located along the inside wall of the garage about 15′ from this opening. Since squirrels are such good climbers I had my doubts that it was a squirrel stuck in the wall unless it was a baby squirrel.

This home had no access to the attic space as the entry had been blocked off by the electronic garage door equipment so getting inside was not going to happen. We did however take a sheetrock knife and cut a small 3″ x 3″ hole in the garage side of the wall where the noise was coming from. Once the piece cut was removed a smaller sized sparrow poked it’s head out the hole and just looked at us. The bird starred for about 10 seconds before it jumped up on the side of the opening and then flew away. I could tell by the smile on the bird that it was happy to be free 🙂

Our Rescued Baby Squirrel 

Needless to say a baby squirrel was found in the hot water tank closet in the garage. This squirrel was not injured, she had just fallen out of the attic space. I wanted to reunite the squirrel with it’s mother but It could take literally days to reunite her with her mother due to the lack of access and the risk of her falling 5′ if we just put her back in the 3 inch opening that was available in the closet. The baby squirrel also risked life from dehydration so we needed to act fast to assure this baby squirrel would have the highest possible chance for survival. I contacted a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Foil, Oklahoma called Wild Heart Ranch. The people at the ranch were very pleasant and understood the need for this animal to have a place to go and asked that I bring her in.

Once I arrived at the ranch I was given a tour of the facility and got to meet many of the wildlife animals they care for. Our baby squirrel was immediately cared for and fed. She was placed with three other squirrels that were about her age. I said goodbye to the baby squirrel knowing she was in good hands. The ranch that took her in takes donations in order to run and they help hundreds of animals that wouldn’t have a chance without this help. Anybody that looks to make a donation should consider donating to this rehabilitation facility that helps these animals with such care. You can find their website at

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