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Bed bugs are one of the top pest problems in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow Metro area. These pests are tough to control but not tough enough for our specialized bed bug treatment services!  EnviroTech is Master Heat Technician Certified. We bring the HEAT and lots of it! With a proper thermal heat treatment, bed bugs are eradicated at all stages of their life cycle.  This is important because bed bugs and eggs can be hidden anywhere.

EnviroTech can effectively heat a dwelling all at once making the entire dwelling inhospitable to bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Our professional heat treatment equipment provides the ultimate in flexibility and versatility. EnviroTech can treat large homes, small homes, studio apartments, clinics, offices, commercial facilities and more. We can treat just about any structure. Bonus: Our heat treatment is held at thermal thresholds longer then competitors do for the highest success rates in Tulsa. Another BONUS: EnviroTech is one of the only Tulsa area pest companies that use commercial grade professional bed bug steamers and Actisol machines to penetrate deep into harborage areas, cracks and crevices. EnviroTech bed bug treatment services are truly efficient, highly effective and safer for pets and family.

WHY HEAT: University studies show heat to be the most effective means of eradication of bed bugs. Another fact, a heat treatment provides the quickest relief from bed bug pests. Pesticides alone may require numerous treatments and inconveniences. A heat treatment provides the fast relief you desire. Combining a heat treatment with a protective residual application afterwords can help protect the dwelling in case you accidentally bring home another bed bug.

Take Note: Heavy infestations may require additional treatment services.

Why Choose EnviroTech Exterminating

  1. We don’t just kill bed bugs – We Annihilate Bed Bugs
  2. The Most Aggressive, Comprehensive Bed Bug Services Available
  3. Free In Home Consultation and Estimates
  4. Local experts in bed bug treatment services with extensive experience using heat to annihilate these pests
  5. Owner Operated, every job is performed to our high standards
  6. EnviroTech is fully licensed and insured
  7. Unmatched quality of work for a truly superior treatment
  8. Bed Bug Steam and Actisol Treatment for Deep Harborage
  9. Master Heat Treatment Certified using state of the art heat equipment and processes
  10. Our Thermal Heat Process Eliminates all 3 stage’s (egg, nymph and adult) of bed bugs lifecycle 
  11. We CARE! Our Bed Bug Clients have the benefit of our many years of experience, consultation and service that doesn’t end after the treatment

How Did I Get Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are spread by people. It doesn’t take much to bring home bed bugs. These parasitic pests migrate in homes from room to room following the carbon dioxide you exhale. If you move to a different room, bed bugs will follow.
Bed bugs can be picked up any place people visit. Such places include hotels, laundry mat’s, a movie theater, virtually anywhere people go. Even children can bring bed bugs home from school or a daycare facility. We find bed bugs in backpacks, in suitcases, on clothing and in vehicles. Basically no place is immune from getting bed bugs.

To beat bed bugs you must reduce and/or eliminate any chances of reintroducing these pests into your home. If you know people with bedbugs, keeping them out of your home is the first step.

Important Things to Know

  1. Bedbugs reproduce quickly
  2. Bed bugs hide in clutter
  3. Bed bugs hitchhike from place to place on people and in people’s belongings.
  4. Each adult female bed bug lay’s 2-5 eggs per day and up to 500 in her lifetime.
  5. Bed bugs detect carbon dioxide so they easily migrate from room to room searching for a host.
  6. These blood sucking insects will follow you around the home like a mosquito only they can’t fly.
  7. Bed bugs prefer to be as close to their human host as possible
  8. Bed bugs will drop from ceilings, hide in cracks and crevices, seams of mattresses, box springs

ADVICE: DO NOT bring home used beds, bedding or furniture without first inspecting.  If you do, you may find yourself needing a bed bug treatment.

Flexible Treatment Options

  • Heat Treatment with up to 3.25 Million BTUs Heat Power
  • Heat/Chemical Treatment
  • Deep Crack and Crevice Treatment with Commercial Bed Bug Steamers
  • Deep Harborage Treatment with Actisol Machines
  • Chemical Residuals
  • Affordable Follow-Up
  • Service Plans – Post Treatment

It seems like you hear about bed bugs everywhere. We see stories on the news, in the paper, online and on social media. Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Jenks and Bixby have been hit hard by the recent rise in Bed Bugs. This rise has slowly gotten worse as these pests spread so easily.

The good news, bed bugs can be defeated! EnviroTech Exterminating has successfully eradicated bed bugs in hundreds of homes and businesses. Our highly aggressive treatment process and numerous years of bed bug experience is a bed bugs worst nightmare.

Bed Bug Treatment Options & Pricing

  1. Standard Service – Home or Business Bed Bug Treatment with Heat + Chemical Starting at $899.00* with Warranty*
  2. Platinum Service – Whole Home or Business Bed Bug Treatment with Heat + Chemical + Commercial Bed Bug Steamer + Actisol Deep Harborage Service Starting at $1199.00* with Extended Warranty
  3. Individual Room(s) Bed Bug Treatment with HEAT + Chemical Spot Treatment. Setup Fee $199.00 and Prices Starting at $245.00* Per Room Treated (No Warranty)
  4. Chemical Treatment with Commercial Bed Bug Steamer and Actisol Machine Starting at $699.00* (No Warranty)
  5. Chemical Bed Bug Treatment for Vehicles Starting at $99.00* (No Warranty)
  6. RV, Camper – CALL

*Prices are Starting Prices and will change based on square footage of home. Customers wanting one room heat treated will see a setup fee + the per room fee. Prices reflect the minimum charges.

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Getting Prepped for Bed Bug Treatment

Before EnviroTech can treat a home or structure you must prepare the property for service. Listed below are the basics necessary. EnviroTech will provide a checklist/bed bug preparation sheet during our Free Consultation. You can also see one in the link below.

Strip Beds

Remove all sheets, blankets, mattress covers, pillowcases, etc. from your beds, wash and use the hot dry cycle. We recommend two dry cycles in a row to get the right length of time needed to kill eggs and adult bed bugs. When done fold and place items in plastic garbage bags and remove from the home. Try not to fold and leave them exposed to the furniture and bedding. It only takes one bed bug to crawl in the items and a re-infestation could occur. Seal the bag up like a loaf of bread is sealed. Pillows can typically stay in the bedroom.

Remove Clutter

Closets must be empty if doing a chemical treatment or tidy for a heat treatment. We like to use the concept of the 50% rule when using heat. You can have clothing hanging in closets as long as they only fill up 50% or less of the closet space. These will be spread apart for optimal heat air flow. This applies to dresser drawers, closets and nightstand drawers as well. The Exterminator or pest control operator needs easy access to these areas for proper heat distribution and circulation. If you’re serious about exterminating bed bugs don’t skip these steps.

Wash ALL Clothing, Towels and Linens

If doing only a chemical treatment this is an absolute must… This means everything… and place the clean items inside plastic storage bins or plastic garbage bags. Don’t let these items sit on the bed or couch while folding. The garage or back patio could be used to store bagged items. Skipping this step could mean potential trouble later. It could mean another bed bug treatment is necessary. If doing a Heat Treatment you can bypass much of this step. We will go over this during the Free Consultation.


We want a clean, tidy environment for treatment. Vacuum all floors and dispose of the vacuum bag, do not leave bag in the home. Bed bug nymphs and eggs may be present in the bag of the vacuum. It would also be wise to clean the vacuum and disinfect it after use. If the vacuum comes apart feel free to do so and leave for the heat treatment. Clean and vacuum car seats and carpets regularly.

Provide Access for Pest Control Technician

The pest control technician needs easy access to all closets and rooms. If possible, move bedroom and household furniture away from walls so there is one foot or more of space between furniture and walls.

Other Important Things

No People or Pets can be in the home during the service. If you have pets with litter boxes please empty, clean and remove them. The dust from litter goes airborne during treatment. Bed Bug Encasements are necessary and is the clients responsibility. Bed Bug encasements can be purchased at most larger department stores that sell bedding. Don’t waste money on plastic covers, buy fabric encasements that are machine washable and say Bed Bug Certified on the label. *** Plastic mini blinds should be pulled up and removed from the wall ***  Set the mini blinds in the window sills. This will allow treatment of them but reduce chances of warping. Remove all plants, aerosol products such as hair spray, flammables, lighters, alkaline batteries, prescription drugs and candles.

The Vehicle

Cars, truck, SUV’s, RV’s, Campers and other modes of transportation can become infested with bed bugs. If you have these pests at home you may have them in a vehicle or camper. It’s important to vacuum the vehicle regularly. Vacuum under seats, the sides and top portion of seats, the floor mats, trim, carpets and any cracks and crevices. It may also be necessary to treat the vehicle. Over the years we have seen numerous vehicles with bed bugs and this can be an easy way to bring these pests back in a home. We will discuss vehicles during our consultation. Treatment may be recommended

Bed Bug Prevention

At EnviroTech we are always happy to talk to schools, local business owners, housing authorities, clinics and anybody with concerns about bed bugs and/or bed bug prevention. Prevention is always better then having to deal with these pests. We provide comprehensive programs for apartment management, hotel management, anybody that may be concerned with bed bugs.

Bed Bugs can be picked up anywhere. Some places prone to these pests are libraries, hotels, public facilities, schools, daycare facilities and nursing homes. We are all put at risk anytime somebody with bed bugs visits any of these places. Of course we can’t avoid these places, we just need to take precautions to reduce the risk of exposure.

When Traveling: Always check hotel room for bed bugs. Pay special attention to the bed and inspect for any signs of activity such as dark stains or spotting. These are typical first signs of a problem. Ask the hotel if they have a program in place specifically for bed bugs, ask when the room you are staying in was last inspected or treated. Check the furniture near the bed and keep clothing off the bed, hanging on a metal clothes rack is best. Use plastic bags or zip lock bags to store things in. When returning home wash all clothing and inspect any baggage, suitcases.

School and Daycare: Inspect backpacks if children use them at school or daycare. Just being aware and paying attention can help go a long way in reducing the chances of bed bugs becoming a problem for you.

Guaranteed Results

For homes that qualify, EnviroTech Exterminating will guarantee our heat treatment services for 60 days post treatment.  Follow our plan, complete our prep/checklist and will take care of the rest. With an EnviroTech Heat Treatment Program you can rest assured we will take care of the problem. Our success rate is among the highest in the industry.

* 60 day “post treatment” services. Requires full home heat treatment with chemical residual service. Client is required to have certified bed bug encasements free of rips or tears on all mattresses and box springs, maintain a clutter free dwelling and follow all program requirements. This program may require residual applications and inspection to minimize clients possibilities/risk of re-infestation. Monitoring devices may be used. Some homes may not qualify for this program. Homes based on age, build construction, duration of infestation may need additional services. Properties where infested items have been stored in attic spaces, deep infestations do not qualify.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody that refuses to prepare the structure as required and recommended.

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Bed Bug Checklist

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EnviroTech Bed Bug Heat Treatment Services are available in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Owasso, Claremore, Coweta, Muskogee, Haskell, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Glenpool, and other local Tulsa metro cities. We do travel outside this treatment area but an additional trip fee may be charged.