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tickBedbugs are becoming one of the top pest problems here in the Tulsa area. These pests are tough to control but not tough enough for our bed bug treatment services. With Heat, bed bugs are eradicated at all stages of their life cycle. This is important because bed bug eggs can be hidden where chemicals cannot go. A Heat treatment is safer for the family and University studies show heat to be the most effective means of eradication of bed bugs. Another fact, heat provides the quickest relief from bed bug pests. Combining heat with a chemical barrier provides the fast relief you desire and a protective residual in case you bring another bed bug home.

If you are dealing with bed bugs don’t put these¬†pests off. You need a bed bug treatment ASAP… If not treated these pests will quickly make life miserable and the infestation only gets worse. Bedbugs are not seasonal pests, they don’t go away without proper treatment. They will never leave unless exterminated.

Clutter is the enemy, bedbugs thrive in cluttered conditions. If the dwelling is cluttered the treatment may require additional services.

Bed Bugs are spread by people, live by people, feed on people. These parasitic pests migrate in homes from room to room following carbon dioxide. If you move to a different room they will follow.

To beat bed bugs you must reduce and/or eliminate any chances of reintroducing these pests into your home. If you know people with bedbugs keeping them out of your home is the first step.

Important things to know

  1. Bedbugs reproduce quickly
  2. Bed bugs hide in clutter
  3. Bed bugs hitchhike from place to place on people and in people’s belongings.
  4. Each female bedbug can lay 2-5 eggs at a time and up to 400 in her lifetime.
  5. Bedbugs detect carbon dioxide so they easily migrate from room to room searching for a host.
  6. These blood sucking insects will follow you around the home like a mosquito only they can’t fly.
  7. Bedbugs prefer to be as close to their human host as possible
  8. Bed bugs will drop from ceilings, hide in cracks and crevices, seams of mattresses, box springs
  9. Bed Bugs are nocturnal and more active at night

ADVICE: DO NOT bring home used beds or furniture without first inspecting. If you do, you may find yourself needing a bed bug treatment. Used mattresses, boxsprings are high risk. We have treated many homes where bedbugs were introduced by a used sofa, chair or mattress. Be very careful what you bring into the home. If you see spotting on furniture that you’re considering buying, think twice. If you know somebody with bedbugs, spending time with them will likely lead to another bed bug infestation, Yours… These insects are incredibly easy to spread. Just walking into an infested home can be enough to pick up the tacky eggs of bedbugs.

EnviroTech offers a variety of treatment options

  • Heat/Chemical
  • Green Heat/Green Chemical
  • Chemical Residuals
  • Affordable Follow-Up
  • Flexible Service
  • Monthly Service Plans – Post Treatment

bed-bug-cycleTulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby have been hit hard by the recent rise in Bed Bugs. It seems like you hear about bedbugs everywhere. We see stories on the news, in the paper, online and on social media. Places like libraries, hotels, apartments, schools are at high risk. We often see beds, couches, furniture infested with bedbugs sitting out at curbs. You may even know somebody that has bed bugs or perhaps had a bed bug treatment performed.

Bed bugs are quickly spreading and becoming a top priority pest in Oklahoma. The good news, bed bugs can be defeated!
EnviroTech Exterminating has successfully eradicated bed bugs throughout the metro area. Our bed bug heat treatment service is a bed bugs worst nightmare.

Prior to your service, it’s recommended to follow a bed bug plan to prepare for the bed bug treatment/service. Below is a list of to do’s. Remember, bed bugs hide in clutter…

How to Prepare for Your Bed Bug Service Visit

Bed bugs are tough to control. They hide in many places including beds, box springs, closets, furniture, behind pictures, in tiny cracks in the wall. Your Pest control professional needs your help and cooperation. A clutter free and clean environment is a necessity.

Before technicians can treat your home, you must prepare your home for service. For a bedbug preparation sheet please call (918) 282-7621. We will be happy to provide you one.

bedbugs-exampleStrip Beds

Remove all sheets, blankets, mattress covers, pillowcases, etc. from your beds and wash then use a hot dry cycle. We recommend two dry cycles in a row to get the right length of time needed to kill eggs and adult bedbugs that could be in the sheets. When done fold and place items in plastic garbage bags. Try not to fold and leave them exposed to the furniture as all it takes is one bed bug to crawl in the items and a re-infestation could occur.

Remove clutter from bedroom and hall closets

Your closets must be empty if doing a chemical treatment and tidy for a heat treatment. Empty dresser drawers and nightstand drawers. Take everything out of nightstands and other furniture near the beds. Remove clothing, toys, boxes, etc from bedroom floors. Many of these items cannot be chemically treated. Place items in 50-gallon plastic trash bags so you can remove them from the room. These items will need to be cleaned and disinfected. The Exterminator or pest control operator needs easy access to these areas for successful treatment. If you’re serious about exterminating bed bugs don’t skip these steps.

Wash ALL clothing, towels and linens

This means everything‚Ķ and place the clean items inside plastic storage bins or plastic garbage bags. Don’t let these items sit on the bed or couch while folding. The best place to store them is in black plastic trash bags until after treatment. The garage or back patio could be used to store items bagged. Skipping this step could mean potential trouble later. It could mean another bed bug treatment is necessary.


Vacuum floors, furniture, and inside closets, dresser drawers, and bed stands. Also, vacuum mattresses and box springs. Dispose of the vacuum bag. Bed Bug Nymphs and eggs may be present in the bag of the vacuum. It would also be wise to clean the vacuum and disinfect it after use. If the vacuum comes apart feel free to do so and leave for the heat treatment. It’s always a good idea to have the carpets professionally steam cleaned and after service we recommend it.

Provide access for pest control technician

Make sure the pest control technician has easy access to all closets and rooms. If possible, move bedroom and household furniture away from walls so there is a 3-foot space between the furniture and walls. It is also highly recommended that all wall light switch and electrical outlet covers be taken off so the wall sockets can be treated.

Other Things

No People, Pets or Animals can be in the home during the service. Bed Bug Encasements are necessary and is the homeowners/customers responsibility, customers responsibility. These are available at most larger department stores that sell bedding. Please make sure they say Bed Bug Certified on them.

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