Bed Bug Treatment Services and Types of Treatment Options

     We receive calls everyday from folks dealing with one of the worst pests you can have infest a dwelling, bedbugs. In Broken Arrow alone our call volume has more than doubled over the last two years. This call volume extends into the Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and Tulsa area. No home is free from getting these pests. Bed Bugs are parasitic and feed on human and other animal blood. They relay on blood meals to grow and lay eggs. One of the most common things I hear in a bed bug phone calls is that the person has been treating with foggers, dusts and a number of other products for weeks. Sometimes they have already spent $300-$500 on chemicals but still have bed bugs. Why is it that these foggers and other products are not working? Well, for the most part these pests are experts at hiding. It is very rare for an individual without proper training and expertise to clear a home of bed bugs. I’m not saying it’s impossible, it’s just rare to have success.

Bedbugs can quickly build a resistance to chemical products and in many cases using a fogger just makes matters worse. We do not use foggers in any way when dealing with bedbugs. Typically a bedbug infestation can be dealt with in a number of way’s but some of the methods used to treat are not very efficient. For instance, freezing can work but you need super cold temperatures below zero for a long duration of time. Our temperatures here in Oklahoma do not tend to get cold enough and who can stay in a home for day’s at below zero temperatures!

Another method is steam but imagine trying to steam an entire house. The steam temperature must be higher than most store bought steamers can go and this really is only feasible for spot treatments. It’s likely not going to solve or eradicate a bedbug infestation, bed bugs can be anywhere and everywhere.

Another method is the chemical treatment. Chemicals do work if done properly but it can take numerous treatments these day’s due to the high numbers of bedbugs that are now chemical resistant. a light infestation may only need one or two treatments but a bigger bed bug infestation could need numerous services. In many cases a series of chemical treatments can cost more than doing a heat treatment.

Heat is likely the most effective and efficient means of treating bedbugs. The nice thing about heat is bedbugs cannot survive the temperatures used doing the treatment process and unlike cold which takes day’s, heat only takes hours. Literally you can have the dwelling heat treated and stay the night in the dwelling where with just chemical treatments you may need to stay out of the home as most everything gets wet. Heat also kills bed bug eggs! In most cases we at EnviroTech put down a chemical barrier after our heat process is complete. The reason for doing this is to help minimize the chances of the customer reintroducing these pests into the home. After all, you got them from somewhere and they are just as easy to get again.

It is recommended that vehicles be cleaned and vacuumed regularly to reduce chances of a bed bug or bedbug eggs making it’s way into the home or dwelling. Bedbug eggs are sticky, tacky and are easily introduced by accident on clothing, shoes, bags, back packs and so on. For more on bedbugs and getting a bed bug heat treatment call EnviroTech Exterminating at (918) 282-7621. Locally owned and operated and serving the Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Coweta metro area of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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