Bed Bug Bite Survey – Does Everyone React to Bed Bug Bites?

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Bed Bug Bite Survey – Does Everyone React to Bed Bug Bites?

The results of the bed bug bite survey we have heard so much about is reported in a new article published by PCT Magazine.  The Sensitivity Spectrum:  Human Reactions to Bed Bug Bites (PCT February 2010, Michael F. Potter, Kenneth F. Haynes, Kevin Connelly, Michael Deutsch, Erich Hardebeck, Don Partin, and Ron Harrison). This is new information, please take a very close look.

474 respondents, all with confirmed bed bug infestations, in Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, Louisville, Atlanta, LA and Miami. 66% living in apartments and 15% in single-family homes. All ages. 58% female, 42% male.
The breakdown for infestation level:
Infestation level Bugs Respondents
Low ≤10 34%
Moderate 11-100 47%
High 101-500 14%
Very high > 500 5%

“Have you experienced any bites or skin reactions from the bed bugs in your dwelling?”

70% yes, 30% no.
Essentially the reverse of what was previously thought. Though there were also skeptics – The female/male differences were not statistically significant. And neither were ethnicity differences. The level of infestation was also not a factor.
Not so with age, however, “significantly more people over the age of 65 reported no bites or skin reactions than those who were younger. Forty-two percent of the eldest individuals surveyed said they had no bites or reactions from bed bugs in their dwelling, whereas 26 percent of those aged 11 to 65 reportedly did not react.”
This corresponds with an earlier survey where 76% of elderly tenants in one “severely infested” building did not react to bites (or reported not reacting). Possible reasons for this mentioned by the authors include reduced responsiveness to allergens in the elderly, medications that suppress the immune response (corticosteroids), and “diminished awareness due to other competing health issues.
The public health question, etc.

Other oft-mentioned symptoms from respondents living with bed bugs included nervousness, paranoia, anger, frustration, embarrassment, devastation and depression. Anxiety, stress, sleeplessness and depression are medically important symptoms that can lead to other conditions. Dismissing bed bugs as “not a public health pest” on the grounds that they are unproven disease vectors ignores the pain, suffering and emotional distress inflicted on their victims. When government agencies finally concede this point, additional resources may be allocated to combat the problem, as they were years ago.

Click here for a link to the article in PCT Magazine

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