Ant Treatment Broken Arrow

Ant Treatment Broken Arrow.

     With spring drawing near ants will begin foraging doing double duty. With all the rain we receive in springtime ants can be difficult to control so we use a combination of effective tools to help combat this problem. Too much water can reduce the effectiveness of a pesticide so using a combination of soft baits and granular baits with our perimeter treatment helps infect as many ants as possible to carry back our products to the colony. Over the years we have done hundreds of ant treatments and have found our method of service to be very effective.

What makes our ant treatment or service different from other pest control companies services? We use the best products money can buy making our service more likely to be successful. The care given to a thorough and proper treatment is second to none. The job is done right every time.

How often shall a homes perimeter be treated? With longer lasting, higher quality products we see typical residual times of about 90 day’s. This means you only need service on a quarterly basis. Some things that can change this time period are excessive watering or times of excessive rain.

What does the treatment cost? Each home is different due to size, watering issues. The good news is that after you’re initial service you will be on a set pricing that lasts as long as you keep the service. No Contracts, just excellent service. As long as the treatments are done on the advised time the price doesn’t change. This makes our service a much better choice than using a company that requires you sign a commitment before you even know how good their service or program is.

If you are in need of pest control services don’t hesitate to contact us today at (918)282-7621. We want to earn you’re business and promise to do the job correct each and every time.

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