Got Bat Problems?
Bat removal services are better left to a professional wildlife company like EnviroTech.
Most homeowners are simply not prepared to deal with a bat problem properly.
Bats are known vectors of RABIES and should not be handled

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Bat Removal Services in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby and Coweta, Oklahoma

Have you got bats in the attic? Bat removal and control is one of the more serious problems for a nuisance wildlife professional. Many species of bats are protected by federal law, so bat removal has to be done properly not to harm the bats. If baby bats are present in the dwelling, it’s against the law in most cases to remove them. If babies are present and the parent bats are excluded the babies will likely crawl into the walls and die. In a more severe infestation, the number of baby bats could be in the hundreds with the colony even larger.

IMG_8739Bat removal and exclusion services are better left for professionals that deal with bats. Most homeowners are not prepared to deal with a bat problem properly. The home must be properly sealed up and the exclusion work is done properly. This means using the proper devices or the bat removal will not work and the problem will not go away. Even though bats are beneficial in helping to control mosquito populations and other flying insects they can cause serious problems in a home.

image1Bat guano, droppings can be a serious issue. This guano builds up over time and can grow organisms like Cryptosporidium, harmful molds and other organisms. The smell of bat guano can become quite strong making the home or dwelling need vacated. The feces, guano could possibly get into the HVAC air duct system leading to even bigger problems. Bats are simply bad to have in the attic, building. They are a great animal to have in a bat house to help control insect pests but if bats get an opportunity to establish in a home it’s simply bad news.

EnviroTech can help you the customer with residential or commercial property bat problems. We offer safe bat removal and clean up.

If you have a bat issue please Do Not Touch Them. Bats are known vectors of RABIES… Simply getting scratched or bitten by a bat could pose a serious health risk. Leave the bats to somebody that has experience in dealing with these amazing creatures. Disturbing them while roosting could cause them to swarm. When bats are disturbed the risk of getting scratched or bitten is high.

EnviroTech can do the following to help

  • Determine the bat species
  • Find out how they are gaining access in
  • Determine if baby bats are present
  • Exclusion work with proper devices
  • Safely remove the bat colony
  • Seal up the openings where applicable
  • Clean up the Guano droppings
  • Sanitize the space

If you have bats roosting in the attic you need our help. Bats in the attic is a reality for many home owners and property managers. These amazing creatures have their place but it’s not in the home. They pose a health risk and need removed. EnviroTech Exterminating can help make a bat problem a thing of the past. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a bat inspection. Call EnviroTech now at (918) 282-7621 to schedule a confidential Bat inspection of your property, home or business.

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